Community connections through storytelling; sharing of self-reflection, and personal narrative.


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The Spirit of Wonder 


The Spirit of Wonder is a comparative cross-cultural study which examines the developmental trajectories of people in different countries. It seeks to identify the ways that people understand and act on the internal and external factors which influence them and their communities. Seeing each story as a true journey, and listening without assumptions can lead to surprises beyond our expectations. Beyond the project goals and interview protocols that enable academic research and anthropological study, The Spirit of Wonder seeks to foster relationships and make earnest human connection possible through storytelling.


The Power of Storytelling 


Storytelling is one of our oldest modes of communication. It connects communities, passes on knowledge, and brings people closer together. In modern scientific research, storytelling has been proven to cure trauma, resolve conflicts, improve self-understanding, and raise self-esteem. Stories connect, inspire, motivate, and move people to action. The Spirit of Wonder seeks to revive storytelling for all of these purposes and to popularize this approach of people connecting with themselves, each other, and their communities.


Share Your Story


We seek to collect stories about people’s developmental journeys from around the world. Our main audience is anyone who has pursued a life goal or a professional goal. Through storytelling, participants share about this experience and reflect on how it is influenced by the context in which they live; their country, culture, or community. Likewise, participants reflect on the internal factors which affect their journeys as they pursue their goals.

The Spirit of Wonder seeks to foster relationships and make earnest human connection possible through storytelling.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform for ordinary people in different countries to share, reflect, and feel empowered to act on their understanding of how their life journeys are impacted by their communities and how they too impact their community.


Our Vision

Highly connected and engaged communities.

Community connections through storytelling; sharing of self-reflection and personal narrative.

Share your story.