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Become an Interviewer

Opportunity for you to be a professional interviewer

We seek to collect stories about people’s developmental journeys from around the world, and our goal is to create a window to the world. Likewise, participants reflect on the internal factors which affect their journeys as they pursue their goals.


Thus, we need support from excellent and enthusiastic interviewers. If you feel confident about yourself, please leave a message at the bottom with a brief introduction including the reason you want to join our team and any relevant experience with a similar project.

Alternatively, you can schedule an in-person appointment or talk with us over the phone to get involved in The Spirit of Wonder

What we do with stories


  • The Spirit of Wonder is a community storytelling project which seeks to better understand the life stories of people in different countries.


  • The Spirit of Wonder team seeks to learn about the experiences that influence people’s life journeys and how those experiences affected personal and social change.


  • The Spirit of Wonder intends to highlight the personal and professional aspirations of people and to see how these aspirations are affected by internal and external factors.


  • The Spirit of Wonder seeks to collect the experiences of people in a community & helps promote reflection on improving communities, one story at a time.

Become an Interviewee

Opportunity for you to share your unique story

Through storytelling, participants share about this experience and reflect on how it is influenced by the context in which they live; their country, culture, or community. If you have a story about pursuing your life goals or a professional goal, please share it with us! Your privacy is always our priority. Before we publicize your interview, we will send you a preview and ask your permission to publish it.

Thus, If you would like to share your story with us, please leave a message at the bottom about your interest and we will contact you soon. 

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment in-person, by video or talk with us over the phone to get involved in The Spirit of Wonder

Why share


 Storytelling can impact personal development in the following ways:


  • Activates individual inspiration and wonder about one’s personal narrative,  context, and trajectory                                                                                                

  • Raises awareness about personal growth and self-understanding                          

  • Fosters conversations at the individual and community level                                 

  • Promotes community energy, agency, and resources for growth                           

  • Inspires collaboration and cooperation with and among communities as they listen and respond to the themes and challenges within the stories

Let's Collaborate

There are two main ways to work with The Spirit of Wonder project, as an interviewer or as an interviewee. Individuals can interview stories of others or share their own story. We look forward to your participation!

In Person

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Over the Phone

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Community connections through storytelling; sharing of self-reflection, and personal narrative.

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